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Bladder Support D-Mannose (formerly known as CystoCare) all natural powder supports normal, healthy bladder and urinary tract function.

Bladder Support D-Mannose is extracted using natural methods and is 100% pure without chemical residues.

Bladder Support D-Mannose (formerly known as CystoCare) does not kill bacteria. Instead D-Mannose prevents E. coli bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract and bladder wall.

Bladder Support D-Mannose (formerly known as CystoCare) promotes a healthy urinary tract environment without the side-effects of antibiotics.

Up to 20% of all women will experience the distress and discomfort of bladder infection or cystitis as it is also known at least once a year. Men also suffer bladder infections but not as frequently.

In over 90% of cases of bladder and kidney infection, the bacteria Escherchia coli (E. coli) is the culprit. E. coli are normally considered to be friendly bacteria when confined to the intestinal tract but when they travel to the urinary tract they are anything but friendly.

Signs and Symptoms of Cystitis:

  • Burning or stinging when passing urine
  • Need to pass urine more often
  • Passing only small amounts of urine at a time
  • Fever, feeling unwell, chills, vomiting
  • Discoloured, smelly or cloudy urine
  • Pain in lower stomach or lower back

Chronic recurring bladder and urinary tract problems are generally difficult to treat. Discovering the underlying cause is important to achieving a successful outcome. Structural abnormalities and environmental and dietary factors such as excessive sugar consumption, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, chronic vaginal infections or local infections involving the kidneys and prostate gland in men should all be considered.

Antibiotics are normally prescribed for bladder infections but there are possible side effects that need to be considered. Two of the most common side effects of antibiotics are gastrointestinal disturbances and vaginal thrush. These and other side effects of antibiotics are avoided with Bladder Support D-Mannose.

D-Mannose is a water soluble molecule that is rapidly absorbed and excreted through the kidneys. Studies have shown that bacteria in the bladder prefer to bind to D-Mannose rather than the bladder wall and will be flushed out in the process of urination. D-Mannose does not kill bacteria but simply helps to remove them with the urine.

D-Mannose is fast acting due to its ability to be rapidly absorbed and excreted by the kidneys. A small amount of D-Mannose will be absorbed by the body for metabolism but a much larger proportion quickly passes into the urine where it binds to the E. coli bacteria. Unable to bind to both D-Mannose and the bladder wall at the same time, the E. coli bacteria are flushed out with the urine.

D-Mannose can be taken by men and women of all age groups including children.  Bladder Support D-Mannose will not raise blood sugar levels and is safe for diabetics to take. Because no bacteria are killed when D-Mannose is used there are no problems with antibiotic induced yeast infections.

D-Mannose is safe for use in pregnancy. There is an issue however if you are trying to fall pregnant.  In a similar way that D-Mannose binds to bacteria it is also believed that D-Mannose may also bind to sperm and prevent fertilization. Further studies are being conducted to see if D-Mannose has potential as a contraceptive.

Bladder Support D-Mannose is 100% pure and natural and is hypoallergenic and may be used for extended periods of time.

How to use Bladder Support D-Mannose (formerly known as CystoCare):

Take TWO level 1.25ml metric teaspoonsful (provided with each pack of Bladder Support D-Mannose) in a large glass of water every TWO to THREE hours during waking hours for 48 hours at first sign of urinary tract infection. Bladder Support D-Mannose is slightly sweet tasting and may be mixed with fruit juice or water.

Bladder Support D-Mannose Precautions:

If not substantially improved in 24 hours please consult your doctor. Over 90% of all bladder and kidney infections are caused by E. coli but a small percentage of urinary tract infections result from other microorganisms and may require antibiotics. D-Mannose may interfere with conception. If you are trying to fall pregnant and are using D-Mannose please read our D-Mannose FAQs page here.

Bladder Support D-Mannose Presentation:
 Each pack of Bladder Support D-Mannose contains 50g pure D-Mannose powder and a 1.25ml metric teaspoon.

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As far as we know D-Mannose is not available in Australia. Customers from Australia will probably find that we are your closest source of D-Mannose.

Bladder Support D-Mannose supplied by Natural Health Laboratories.

Thank you for making Strand Arcade Pharmacy your first choice when it comes time to buy D-Mannose.

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